Asking a Stranger Out

How to Ask a Stranger Out for Date

Basically, there are two broad categories of girls you can ask out: an acquaintance that has lately captured your fancy and the other, a hot looking stranger.

Approaching a girl who is a total stranger is a very difficult task to do. This is because the percentage of success is only at 20%!

That low a success rate is enough to deter many men from approaching female strangers they don’t personally know. But I believe the major reason holding these guys back is the fear of being publicly humiliated. Being turned down already dents the ego, but being publicly humiliated? It’s unbearable!

Why is it so difficult to approach a stranger whom you find attractive?

Approach a Stranger

To approach or not to approach a stranger?

For starters, society is partly to blame for teaching and conditioning us to be wary of strangers. I’m sure many women have heard their fair share of chilling stories on the happenings in lonely, dark alleys for them to be on guard.

It’s a safety issue—something women do spontaneously—more so in today’s dangerous world.

However, despite the odds, there are still many self-assured men out there who would throw caution to the wind, take the bull by the horns, approach a stranger they find attractive and get the conversation going.

Although the odds are stacked against them, these are the men who live by the motto, “You’ll never know the outcome ‘til you try!”

These are the usual steps a tough guy takes to ask a stranger out :

approaching a stranger

Flirty hair twirling

1.)    Before approaching female strangers, check their body language out.

It’s common sense—if you see a girl with a visible negative disposition, it would be best not to approach her. On the other hand, if you see someone glancing and twirling her hair, it is a sure sign that she’s interested. It is also important to take note of who she’s with. If she’s talking with another guy, don’t disrupt their conversation and look for someone else. If she’s with her parents, you’ll definitely have no for an answer if you tried.

2.)    Initiating a short conversation with her.

Some men usually point out items like jewelry as conversation starters. Asking if her earrings, ring or necklace was given by someone special gives out clues about her relationship status.

3.)    Introducing oneself to the girl.

It would be rude for any man not to. Being casual and respectful in introducing yourself are keys to impressing her.

4.)    Asking for her number.

Make sure to bring a pen and piece of paper with you. Tear the paper in half, give one piece to her and use the other half to write your number in front of her. Don’t write your number ahead of time so as not to appear arrogant. There might be cases where she doesn’t give out her number to you, but don’t worry, just leave your number with her instead.

5.)    Dealing with future meetings.

Discussing further meetings is all dependent on the success of the previous step. If she doesn’t call after giving your number, then, it’s a sign that she might not be interested. Otherwise, if she does call, you can plan to go on dates in places you both want to go to.

What if I approach a stranger and it doesn’t work out?

Well, that’s simple. I’m not being shrewd when I say this but the best thing for you to do is suck it up and move on to the next girl.

approaching female strangers

Sucking it up is the first step to success

There’s no point in lamenting over rejection and heartbreak. If you truly want to succeed in “catching fish” you should always keep in mind that there’s a lot of them out there and it takes a lot of experience to get the right one (in other words, a lot of practice in

approaching female strangers). Sooner or later, you will come to see the benefits of your and patience.

In the next pages, I will be discussing more on the tips you can follow to effectively date the women you like without any hassle.