When you approach a woman, you have to be aware that your body language is one of the key factors in determining the outcome of your action.

A great many guys make the mistake of approaching a woman with a submissive, apologetic body language and voice tones and they are nervous and self-conscious all the time. That, my friend is a guaranteed failure!

On the other hand, those who succeed are the ones that are cool, calm and collected when approaching women. These guys act like they are on a mission to find out if the girl is worth getting to know and not the other way round.

Approaching a woman who is on her own is much, much easier than approaching one who is in the company of her friends. When a woman who is out on her own catches your eye, take some time to compose yourself, take stock of the situation and preferably get her to notice you before walking up to her to start a conversation.

You can start by making a comment about the surrounding area or a certain situation that just took place. For instance, if the diner’s that you both frequent has recently done some renovation, you could perhaps start the conversation rolling by commenting on the new furnishings.

Before you can get her to agree to a date or divulge her phone number, you have to build up some positive rapport with her. Try humor. Humor at the right dose can be very infectious. If you can make her laugh, half the battle is won.

When we laugh, endorphin, the feel good chemical floods our body; giving us the euphoric feeling and that relaxes us at the same time. Therefore, at this point in time, she is more likely to say yes if you ask her out. If you lack the courage, then get her to part with her phone number or at the very least email address.

What if a woman who is with a group of friends caught your eye? Always bear in mind that a woman who is in the company of her friends tends to be more defensive compared to women who are own their own. The reason for the defensiveness is because the woman does not want to look like a slut in front of her friends by responding positively to you.

You have to proceed with caution here. First of all start by getting her friends to warm up to you. Address the group as a whole and do not zero in on her immediately. By doing this you kind of take the tension off the group and get them to lower their guard.

This isn’t to say that you should not acknowledge her, though. By getting to know her friends, you are showing her that you are a friendly and warm person and this, will lower her guard. The whole game will be made much easier if her friends endorse your interest.

However, make that conversation a short one. Take your leave when you’ve made your presence felt. Don’t stick around and ruin the good that you’ve done. But, do not take your leave before you get her number.

Armed with her phone number, you can always call to arrange for a date. If you are planning to give her a ring, keep in mind that the phone call should be a short one too.

Most men tend to talk a tad too long and end up saying something dumb which messes everything up. Keep the conversation short; remember the aim of the phone call is to arrange for a date. The rest of the conversation will have to wait till the date.

The phone is the best way to ask a girl out for the faint hearted. If she turns you down, at least it would be less awkward as opposed to asking her face to face.

However, do NOT ask her out on a date via email or any written note. These methods could back fire as it leaves a paper trail that can later be used to taunt you. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

Having said that, let’s look at the way you should or should not be asking her. The wrong way to ask a girl out is, “Would you like to go out with me this weekend?”

This question is more akin to a teenager asking a girl out on his first date. Not only are you putting her in a spot by implying that this is a formal date and you are making your move, you are also setting yourself up for rejection.

So, what is the right way to ask a woman out???

Try this; “Let’s get together for dinner sometime.” This question is the total opposite of the earlier question. This gives an impression of a casual meeting, NOT a formal date. Having said that, the onus is on her to decide is she wants to take up your offer.