How And When To Show Interest

How And When To Show Interest

Have you ever experience about this where you are interested in someone but you’re not sure if the feeling is mutual? Thinking all about the possibilities and end up didn’t take any action. In some other cases, you genuinely thought you don’t stand a chance and you friend zone yourself without giving hope to yourself?

I don’t know about you but I’ve done both of those many times. But you know what? It’s okay. With every choices that we made, there is a valuable lesson behind it. While I’m on a date, there’s an instance where I know I want to see her again. Even before the date is over, I started to wonder what does she feels about going chinese, because that’s where our next date will be.

That’s what going on my head at least. Had to contain the excitement. Most of the time, I will say nothing because I don’t want to come off as a clingy person. When you’re on a date, vibing is the key. If both of you click instantly that’s a sign that you’re doing it right.

Allow me to share some of the ways that might help you.

Ways To Genuinely Show Interest

1)Ask question and actively pursue to know the person more

When you are interested in the person, always ask questions to know more about them. Yup,the real them. Questions such as the person’s like and dislike, hobbies, belief and view on the worlds. This is like a preliminary assessment to see how compatible the both of you as a couple. If the person doesn’t show that much of interest when you ask them stuff, high chances they’re only looking for a fling.

2)Spend Time With Them

Spending time with someone you’re interested definitely requires sacrificing time spend with friends or family. That can be a good indicator to show the person that you prioritize them. As the saying goes “we make time for what is important for us”. It’s more than just texting, take some effort and meet up face to face. When you meet up it won’t just be physical but engaging into actual conversation.

3)Learn To Respect Boundaries

This one is crucial. It’s does not only speaks about your character but also how you value the person. Learn to respect her boundaries before they can respect yours. Simple as that.

Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries are the limits you set on physical interaction. Need to know your personal physical boundaries before you get into a relationship or hanging out with her.

Emotional Boundaries

Emotional boundaries is a complex thing and can be difficult to pick up. For instance, you get into a relationship too deep too quickly and doing so makes you emotional vulnerable to her. This could end up hurting one or both of you. On the other side, when you open up yourself to her but she’s not ready to committed, this can lead to embarrassment.

Time Boundaries

Time boundaries is simple as limiting how much time you’re willing to sacrifice in order to spend time with the person of your interest. Do they cancel a date just before you’re meant to go out? Do they ditch you for someone better? If yes, then walk away quickly.


Noticed The Little Things

When you’re physically attracted to someone, you tend to become more observant. You notice all the little changes on the hairstyles, nails and earrings. If your intention is genuine, try to bring this up when the two of you are in conversation. The person will likely to pick up on your compliment.

Make The First Move

At the end of the day, there is only so much of hints that you can drop. If you’ve tried all the above and nothing seems to work out. It may be time to go for direct approach. Saying something as simple as you enjoy spending time with her, keep the conversation flow going, throw in some compliments, give her your number, or maybe just flat out ask her out. This will caught her off guard most of the time and let the rest play out.