Tired of Rejection? Read THIS Before You Ask Her Out

Let me start this off with a warning: it is never a good idea to follow a girl around, especially at night. Women can naturally feel it whenever a person is stalking them.

Instead of making her think that you like her and that you find her attractive, she ends up seeing you as a stalker she needs to get away from, and fast. 

Timing is Everything 

When it comes to asking women out, timing is, indeed, crucial. You need to check how the land lies before you make your move. If you think she likes you back, then it is best that you continue making her feel attractive without acting so desperately. However, the most important factor in this endeavor is to know the best time you can approach her. Men oftentimes refer to this as “the right moment”. 

Importance of Small Talk 

You cannot just walk up to a girl and her right out away. Although you might be able to do this if you truly think you are confident enough, it may not end the way you want it to. Even if you only want a physical relationship with her, you still need to talk to her a bit. However, to create that positive first impression, you need to learn a thing or two about her. This way, you know precisely what to say to impress her. 

For instance, you see that she uses a picture of a dog as her phone’s wallpaper. A good conversation starter that can make her talk more would be asking her something like, “I don’t mean to intrude, but I saw a picture of a cute dog on your phone. Is it yours?” Since it is quite natural for women to talk a lot when they like the topic at hand, you better make sure that you are loaded with topics that she may possibly like. 

Be Motivated 

To increase the possibility of her saying “Yes” to you, you need to make her feel like you are not the type of person who easily gives up. You need to be reasonable if you want to ask her out to a real date. Asking her out for the sake of asking a girl out on that particular night will immediately make her feel that you are not serious with her at all. 

You can find out if you share any similar interests. Aside from being a dog lover, you can start to bring the conversation further by asking her about the things she loves to do the most. Additionally, you could try to figure out the reason why you would want to see her again. Most likely, this is her most distinguishing feature that keeps you wanting her for more 

It is Not a Date 

The word “date” has been dreaded by men from all over the world. In fact, it is the knowledge that they are about to ask a girl out on one that is making them feel nervous. If this is the same case with you, you do not even have to go out on a date.

You can just say, “Hey, you want to check out that Italian place across the street? I heard they make mean pasta.”

Technically, this is not a date, since you never uttered the word “date”. It merely paints a picture of two newly found friends who are going to hang out. 

Be Straightforward 

If you think you have what it takes, maybe you should give the most direct route a try. You can just approach her and say, “I like you. Why don’t we go have some coffee together?” If you can muster the confidence, this tactic might work out for you.

You can also invite her to some of the things that you usually do, like, “Oh, you love to hike, too! That’s great! I’m going hiking this weekend. I would really love it if you came with me.” 

Ooze with Sex Appeal 

This is where things get tricky. You might want to do some changes to your wardrobe for this strategy in order to look sexual. Make every look you give her a seductive one. Being able to lure her in with those sultry eyes is crucial at this point. 

Your newly created oozing sex appeal makes you seem very approachable. Moreover, with the fire your looks have ignited in the woman you have been flirting with, she will be approaching you soon enough. If you are able to do this right, you no longer have to ask her for her number. In this situation, she will be the one to hand it over to you. 

Create That Moment 

Although it is true that waiting for the right moment is imperative for a more effective first date, if the moment does not come, then you will just have lost your chance. If you predict that there are no possible moments for the two of you to talk, especially if she is with her friends, you need to step up and create one for yourself. 

Make Her Approach You 

You can also try to make he be the one to come after you. Think about some subtle ways of showing her that you want to be alone with her by isolating yourself. When you are all alone and away from the crowd, she will then see the opportunity to get closer to you so she can discreetly give you her number.

If you are with your buddies the entire night, she will never find that golden ticket to flirt with you. The best method is to show her that you are going to the restroom. You do not have to go in, though. You can just stay outside and act like you are looking at the area’s architecture. 

Getting Her Number 

Girls will give you their numbers if they want to. You can just never force a girl to give you her numbers if she does not like you at all. However, with the way the two of you have been flirting with each other the past couple of hours, she will surely give you her number in just a matter of seconds. 

The main idea to avoid being rejected is to create a budding relationship between the two of you. Give this budding relationship enough room so it could breathe and grow. Shorter types of relationships, such as one night stands, will be done over with before anything truly good has even started.