The Shy Guy’s Guide To Manning It Up And Asking Her Out

Do you feel too shy to approach a girl, much more to ask her to go out with you? Then, you’re in the right place because this guide will help you talk to her and get her to like you.

It is actually to approach a girl for a date using these tips.

It is understandable that you might get scared or intimidated, especially if you are not used to doing this.

How to Man Up

Getting a girl to go out with you can be a scary, painful experience.

Simple-Ways-to-Ask-a-Girl-out-If-You-Are-the-Shy-TypeBut you’re not the only one who feels this way. We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. If you can’t seem to overcome your shyness, don’t worry. You will eventually learn. Soon enough, you will be asking girls out like a pro and possibly get her attention even before you go on a date.

Instead of asking a girl directly, when she still sees you as a complete stranger, has a good chance of getting you rejected, so approach her slowly. Take everything in stride while you try to get over your uneasiness and shyness.

This way, you can give her hints that you like her without having to say it to her directly.

Approaching Her

Take your time. Be patient. Learn to wait.

Do your homework and learn more about her. Don’t scare her off by stalking her, though. The best reward would be to see the development in your every step. But be prepared to spend a few weeks of making small moves on her.

You can follow these three steps on how to get a date. After executing them, you can just watch everything play out, but the results mainly depend on the hard work you put into these steps.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Her Routine

Is she working in the same office or building as you are? Does she frequent the same restaurant as you do? Is she in the same university? Does she go to a nearby gym? Figure all these things out because they can help you in deciding what moves to make later.

Study her routine for a few days. It would be easier to approach her if you know her routine.

If you know where she often goes to lunch or walk her dog, you can conveniently see her in the right place and at the right time. A smile or a nod of acknowledgment goes a long way to building up your courage to finally talk to her.

Seeing her at work or in the campus at times accomplishes half of the work that you’re supposed to do. After a few weeks, you could come up to her, smile and possibly ask how she is.

Once you approach her, it means that you have finally gotten over your timidity, and that is a huge achievement!

You wouldn’t need steps 2 and 3 if you can use this opportunity to finally talk to her. But for a shy guy like you, this has slim chances of happening. It’s easier said than done if you are usually shy and vulnerable. You can always move on to step 2.

Step 2: Find Her Hangouts

It’s not really important to know even the smallest details of her day, but make sure to know her usual hangouts at school or at work. This will get you closer to meeting her if you can relax in her favorite coffee shop or dine at her favorite restaurant. It is enough to let her know of your existence and get her used to seeing you.

When you try to visit her hangouts, don’t go there by yourself. Bring friends over and have fun with them. Don’t stare at her at all times. Give her an occasional glance every now and then.

Hanging out at her favorite spots is not about asking her out, but more about showing her how great you are!

 When you have fun with your friends, act natural, but don’t overreact or behave excessively just to get her attention. Be yourself.

Steps 3: Befriend Her Friends

This is a very important step that can make up if you failed in the first two steps. Know her friends. Befriending them is a quicker way to getting her to go out with you.

Ask your friends if they know her friends. Mutual friends can be very helpful in scoring a date. This is what real social networking is all about! Once you find her friends and befriend them, you’re getting closer to the girl that you like. Mission almost accomplished, then.

Meeting Her

If you saw the girl you’re interested in hanging out with her friend whom you have befriended, take your chance. Wave to that friend, and show her that you are friends with her friends to remove the feeling of you being a complete stranger.

Go to your new friend and talk to him or her for a few minutes, then walk out. You could wait for the introductions, but don’t stay with them longer.

It might make her uncomfortable if you become too friendly and familiar with her friends. Instead, pretend as though you have other things to do and walk out.

When you walk away, she might have the chance to ask about you, or give your new friend a chance to discuss you.

The second time you say hello to her friends, stay around longer. This could be your chance to finally talk to her and let her see you as a friend. It’s a good start!

Asking Her Out  

Execute these steps properly and you will likely impress the girl that you like.

This time, she probably knows that you’re interested in her, while feeling unsure about it. This makes it a thrilling game. When she’s curious about you, she might even seek out your attention.

But don’t scare her away by asking her out right away. Wait for her to show interest in you too, to experience your attention, and to miss you.

After being friends for a while, observe whether she likes you too! If she does, ask her directly and get some holding hands or a little cuddling in, if you can.

If you can’t approach her because you’re crippled with shyness, follow these steps. Don’t overdo it and wait for her to return your affections too!