Easy Steps in Asking Women Out With Your Facebook and other Social Media Network Accounts

In this day and age, going online means making yourself accessible to other people. Facebook becomes the new dating hotspot as it is wFacebook-Dating-Appshere you can find the hottest girls that you want to go out with.

But some things never change and even with the digital age, you may still find it difficult to ask a girl out.

With the following steps, you will learn some tips and tricks how to ask women out with just your computer and Facebook account (or other social media account) as tools.

Create an Attention-grabbing Profile: Always Put Your Best Photos Upfront

Updating your profile picture is a must if you want to start getting noticed by girls on Facebook. Your photos should be recent and they must show you at your best. Choose your most flattering photo to get started. 

Avoid the impression of being a player by minimizing photos of you with different women. Consider not posting potentially embarrassing photos like goofy shots and being drunk as not all girls find that behavior to be appealing. 

  • Review your albums and delete those photos that you think a girl would not want to see.
  • If you want to impress the girl and show that you are nice with women, you can post photos that are considered to be “safe”. Group pictures are great examples as they can show that other girls want to hang out with you. Just make sure that those pictures do not show you being too comfy with a particular girl. 

Create An Illusion That You Have An Existing Social Life  (If you don’t actually have one)

Not a lot of girls take Facebook profiles at face value. Especially that you want to connect with her online, you must be able to show her that you are who you say you are in your page.

Do not let her see a sleeping profile that is devoid of interesting posts. Instead, you should be able to prove your existence to a social environment by showing a fair amount of friends in your list, and that you actually engage in anything social by commenting on other people’s posts, sharing interesting photos or videos, and that other people are also commenting on your posts. This will create an impression that you are a likeable person and that people find you endearingly funny.

  • Having a few friends in your profile and an outdated wall will make you look suspicious. 
  • Pace posting of photos, links, etc. on your wall. Being overly active in Facebook would look like you are spending too much time on it rather than hanging out with real friends. 
  •  Keep your conversations with other girls private. Do not get too flirty on the comments box as it will make her see you as hitting other girls while trying to ask her out.

Make Your Profile Page An Open Book About You  

Making Facebook look like a diary is a no- no. But what you can do to keep the girl interested is to let her know of the things that you like to do, or your interests using strategic posts. Post cool things like songs of your favorite band, photos of your recent camping trip, or anything that you think she might fancy. 

 Step 2: Pick Up the Girl

Look For The Girl 

Facebook suggests other people that you can add as friend. Some profiles will show a few pictures and some information. Look for someone that you find attractive and should be living within your area.

Ideally, she should not be entirely a stranger and that you must have common friends either from school or from your neighbors. Go through her photos and public posts and check for tell- tale signs if she is in a relationship or otherwise.  

Add Her Up As A Friend  

If you are not Facebook friends yet and you happen to see her at a casual meeting, politely ask if you can add her up in Facebook. Receiving a friend request from a person that is practically a stranger might scare her off and may even block you. 

  • A short message could also be the key to making her accept your friend request. Just a quick note saying how you liked talking to her at a friend’s party will remind her about meeting you.
  • You can also try to engage her in a casual conversation by commenting on a friend’s post where she also left a comment. Make it light and add her up while you are both online. There is a high chance that she will accept your request especially when you make the comment exchange fun.
  • Facebook has rules about not harassing people. If the girl does not want to be friends with you yet and declines your request, let her be. Do not risk having your profile banned just because you are being irritatingly persistent. 

Look Over Her Page  

If the girl accepts your friend request, you now have access to her page. Start to get to know more about her by reading her posts or checking her photo albums. Get to know what her interests are so that you will find it easier to strike up a conversation.

Take note of the following things:

  • Look for mutual friends. Check her photos to see the people she hangs out with. You can naturally bring up about knowing the people she was with at a photo later on so that she will be more comfortable about chatting with you.
  • Pick up tidbits of information that tells about her hobbies.
  • Her links can also spell out her interests. Check the links posted on her page to get to know her better.
  • Be attentive of her posts.
  • Remember that not all people are too keen on updating their profile and the girl you are crushing on might not post a lot about herself. But if she does, consider it as your chance to learn about her so make sure to check the littlest of details. 

Fire Up Your Communication Skills  

Always start the conversation nicely to create a positive impression. Do not be too aggressive once she accepts your friend request. Build a momentum by taking it nice and slow, making her comfortable about chatting with you. Develop your friendship by liking or commenting on her photos and statuses appropriately. Make your comments engaging so that she will respond back. 

  • Grab every opportunity to have a conversation chain on her comments box. If she keeps up with the conversation, that is the first sign that she likes talking with you.
  • As she gets comfortable, you can try posting something on her wall that you think she would like. If she does the same thing on your wall, that will be your signal that likes to connect with you too.
  • Never tell her that you are stalking her page. You can casually talk about or post on your own wall about her interests and wait for her to like it. From there you can open up a new conversation about that particular interest. 

Start Sending Her Private Messages 

If you think that she is already opening herself up to you, you can take your commenting and posting relationship to the next level and start conversing with her privately. Just a few quirky lines should get her attention but make sure not to make it sound overwhelming.

  • Constantly responding to you is the ultimate sign that she is ready to spend more time talking to you.

Chat Her Up  

If the girl likes to chat on Facebook, you can use it to have at least a semi- normal conversation with her. 

  • Start becoming a little flirty in your conversations. Do not be too forward but a nice complement here and there should do the trick.
  • Pick up from your notes about your common interest to get the conversation going. 

Ask For Her Number (Optional)

If you have established a solid connection at Facebook, you can casually ask for her number. Choose your timing well as she may find it a little freakish if done prematurely.

On the other hand, if timed perfectly, you can use it as another tool to convince her to go out with you.

Meet Up With Her  

Have the courage to ask her out for a casual date. Let her know that you like talking to her at Facebook and that you are interested on how it would feel like talking to her in person. 

Do not overwhelm her and take her to a very formal restaurant on your first date. Ask her if she wants it to be in a casual place, a coffee shop perhaps to make her comfortable. She may feel a little wary at first so have the first meeting at a public place.

  • Give her your number to make her give her number back to you.
  • Have fun at your first meeting to make her want to go out with you again next time. If you think that you are not compatible in person as you are over Facebook, then you can start all over again and look for another girl online.