15-Step Guide To Improve Your Communication Skills Before You Ask Women Out

Men and women, alike, get excited when it comes to dating. Men like to prepare and create a romantic ambiance for the date, while women like it better when they are pampered during their date. The dating, itself, is not a big issue. It is the asking out part that men seem to have a problem with. The fact that they do not know precisely what to do or say further makes them fear the approach even more.

Women are Everywhere 

Naturally, you can find women everywhere. You see attractive ones at school, in the coffee shop, at the office, in the club, and you even sometimes walk by them on the streets. Now, when you do see someone you want to ask out on a date, you need to know the things that you should do or say in order to reel her in for one.

Actually, the list of techniques that you can apply is endless. You just have to know which ones are truly effective to get that first date.

1. Be Presentable

Before anything else, you should make sure that you are very presentable. You just have to make sure that you are able to keep your overall appearance well under wraps. Looking good, without having to try so hard, is not difficult. You simply have to dress more nicely.

2. Gauge the Kind of Image She Might Go For

Women’s taste in men varies. Although it may be true that majority like men who suit up, others might prefer the bad boy image. Figuring out the kind of men she might like is made easy by studying the way she talks and acts. Girls who play pool would like a bad boy approach, while girls who sit by the bar and sip martinis might prefer men who are expensively suited.

3. Call a Friend

You can also ask your guy friends for any advice on this matter. You can call a friend whom you know have had a lot of experience when it comes to asking girls out. Ask them about the techniques that worked for them. With some contributed insight, you will have a general idea of how you should make the approach without looking like a complete idiot.

4. Make Eye Contact 

You need to make sure that you are able to catch her attention. The best way to do this is to make eye contact with her. Not being able to do this is one of the biggest reasons why she may reject your offer. Eye contact is imperative if you want her to notice you without acting like a stalker. Also, this is an effective way of relaying to her that she caught your attention and that you are attracted to her.

5. Smile

When she finally notices you, give her a small smile. If she smiles back at you, then this is her discreet way of saying that she thinks you are fine, too. The smiling paves the way for you to finally make your approach. Now, if she does not return your smile and she immediately looks away, it simply means she is not into you and she wants you to keep your distance.

6. Subtle Flattery

Once you have figured out that she likes you back, flatter her a bit. Show her that you cannot concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing by glancing at her from time to time. This will tell her that she is on your mind and that you can no longer focus on whatever it is that you are working on.

7. The Importance of Body Language: Be Confident

Body language plays a vital role in this story. Women are more attracted to men who are confident. This means that if you want her to feel the same attraction, you better start acting confidently. When they feel that you are very nervous, they will immediately think that you are uncertain and that you do not know what you are doing. This uncertainty will end up having you rejected.

8. Wait for the Perfect Moment

There are times that you simply have to wait for her to give you the chance to talk to her. When you see her walking away from her friends, you can approach her then. Just casually walk up to her and start a conversation. It is much easier to talk to her when she is by herself. This way, she does not get distracted and influenced by her friends.

9. Do Not Use Pick-Up Lines

Even if other girls may find this cute, you cannot really gauge if she is one of these girls. To be safe, just be yourself.

10. Starting the Conversation: Find Common Ground

Contrary to the major belief of people that it does not matter what the conversation is about, the truth is you should actually KNOW the right thing to say. Small talk should always start with a “Hi” and is followed by an introduction. Once you both know each other’s names, start by talking about the things you think she likes. At this point, building rapport with her is crucial.

11. Do Not “Over” Try to Impress Her

You need to be honest here. There is no need for you to make stories up just to make her like you. The flirty signals that she has been sending you are proof enough that she already likes you.

12. Saving a Damsel in Distress

Women like men who defend her at all costs. When you see her being accosted by someone else, this is the perfect opportunity for you to act like her knight in shining armor.

13. Offer to Buy Her a Drink

Offering to buy her a drink or a cup of coffee will tell her that you want to know her better. When she feels that you are serious with her, she may also offer to buy you the next one to prolong the conversation.

14. Laugh at Your Mistakes

Making mistakes at this point is not a bad thing. It actually shows her that you are not trying to impress her. When you do commit something that is laughable, make the situation un-awkward and laugh with it. This will tell her that you are a fun person to be with.

15. Touch Her

Once you determine a possibly romantic vibe between the two of you, you can touch her a bit. Slightly touching her hand while you are telling her something nice about her is a good way to do this.

Do not allow your insecurities to hold you back. Following this 15-step guide will help you approach girls, wherever you are. Regardless of where you saw her, applying all of the above will help you approach women with ease.