15 Ways to Approach Women Anytime, Anywhere

Men and women, alike, get excited when it comes to dating. Men like to prepare and create a romantic ambiance for the date, while women like it better when they are pampered during their date. The dating, itself, is not a big issue. It is the asking out part that men seem to have a problem with. The fact that they do not know precisely what to do or say further makes them fear the approach even more.

Women are Everywhere 

Naturally, you can find women everywhere. You see attractive ones at school, in the coffee shop, at the office, in the club, and you even sometimes walk by them on the streets. Now, when you do see someone you want to ask out on a date, you need to know the things that you should do or say in order to reel her in for one.

Actually, the list of techniques that you can apply is endless. You just have to know which ones are truly effective to get that first date.

  1. Approaching Your Crush in School

Approaching her without knowing what to say will only make you look like an idiot. You need to discreetly pay attention to the things that she has been doing in order to get a scope of the things that she likes and dislikes.

You can learn more about her by sitting near her in class. The main reason why you oftentimes freeze up trying to ask her out is the notion that you do not know what to say to her. Well, with the research that you just did, you will never run out of ideas.

  1. Approaching a Churchgoer

There is nothing at all diabolic with finding a girl you are attracted to in church. What is not right, though, is if you say the wrong things to her. The fact that you are in the same church with her means that the both of you already share the same beliefs. Since churches tend to hold social events for the churchgoers, you can treat this as a good opportunity to talk to her.

  1. Approaching Her at the Airport

The variety of women you can meet at an airport is astounding. Moreover, you get to interact with gorgeous flight attendants from different airlines. If you really want to impress them, then you should wear an outfit that makes you look like a jet set playboy.

The bright colors of your outfit will catch their attention and will tell them that you are not a boring overworked business man. More often than not, instead of you approaching them, they will be the ones approaching you.

  1. Approaching Her at the Grocery Store

You can approach her by getting the same products she does. For instance, when she reaches for an apple, you also reach for an apple. However, you need to make sure that your intentions are not so obvious. Eventually, though, she will notice that the both of you are grabbing similar items. Discreetly, you are able to show her how both of your lifestyles can work together.

  1. Approaching Her at the Bus Station

Most women at bus stations have a book or magazine with them to keep them company. You can easily approach her with, “Oh, you like Stephen King, too? I loved The Shining.”

This will tell her that you like the same things she does. You can even have a follow up question, “Have you read It? Now, that book kept me awake for hours!” She will also engage in this conversation since you have somehow endeared yourself to her through her affinity with Stephen King.

  1. Approaching Her at the Beach

Whatever you do, do not intrude a woman’s peace when she is sunbathing. You can take your chance when she is talking a walk by the shore of if she gets a drink from the concession stand.

Naturally, women like to wear skimpy outfits whenever they are at the beach. You can give her a compliment on how great she looks, “Hey, can I ask you something? Do you work out?” This is a discreet way of telling her that you think she has an awesome body.

  1. Approaching Her at the Bar

Liquid courage is fine. However, if you drink too much of it, you end up slurring your words. What is worse is if you approach her and even spill your drink on her. Girls at bars might want to be picked up, but they certainly do not want to be spilled on. Getting far too drunk will just cost you your opportunity to approach the girl you have had your sights on.

  1. Approaching Her while Working Out 

The most important thing here is that you learn how to do exercising correctly. If you see her having a bit of difficulty finisher her session on her own, you can approach her and offer to help her by holding her feet or something similar. If she allows you to touch her feet, this is a good telltale sign that she is into you as well. You can invite her for a cup of coffee across the gym afterwards.

  1. Approaching Her in the Office

You need to check if you have timing on your side. If she is too busy, then approaching her will only upset her. However, if you see that she a smile on her face with a more positive disposition, this is a good time to ask her out to lunch. You can drop by with, “Hey! Tom and I grabbing some burgers and soda, do you want some? Oh hey, why don’t you come with us?” Of course, when lunch time comes, “Tom” is suddenly unavailable.

10. Approaching Her at the Café

You can choose to be direct with, “You’re beautiful. I’d really regret it if I didn’t come over and say hello.” It sounds intense from the get go, but it shows her that you are confident and are not scared of taking risks.

You can also take the less direct route, which is to comment on the book that she is reading. “Hey, is that Haruki Murakami? I think After Dark is his best.” Talking about the things that she likes will bring out more of her into the conversation.

11. Approaching Her on the Street 

The key here is to keep your respect towards her intact. She is not a prostitute so acting like you are picking her up is a huge no-no. Just talk to her casually without coming on too strong.

You can try, “Hi there. I’m really lost. I was looking for this book store, but I can’t seem to find it.” If she likes you, she will go with you to the books store. Now, if has no intention to talk to you, she will just walk away.

12. Approaching Her at a Party

You need to make her notice you. You can stand near her or her group of friends, but not so close so that it would not look like you are eavesdropping on their conversation. When she looks your way, smile at her. If she smiles back, well, the next thing you should do now is to approach her and introduce yourself.

13. Approaching a Shy One

Most shy girls do not want to talk in huge crowds. So, you have to create an ambiance that will make her feel okay to talk to you. You can then say something like, “Hey, you must be new here. I’m Richard. You are?” with a sweet smile on your face. Eventually, she will trust you and would even go out with you. However, you need to take things slow.

14. Approaching a Nerdy Girl

First of all, you need to decipher what kind of stuff she is into since there is a variety of “nerds” today. You need to observe her discreetly and check the things she wears and the places she goes to. Once that you have figured out that she is the type of nerd who is into anime, you should comment on how Naruto is a nice anime cartoon to watch.

15. Approaching the Ice Queen

You must still be casual with her even if she does not even look at your direction. This casual approach will help you figure out what her weaknesses are. For instance, when you find out that dogs tug at her heart, then a good approach would be to walk your dog near her so that she sees that you are a dog lover, too.

Do not allow your insecurities to hold you back. Following this 15-step guide will help you approach girls, wherever you are. Regardless of where you saw her, applying all of the above will help you approach women with ease.