Do Not Bark Up At The Wrong Tree: Know If She Likes You Before You Ask Her Out

The biggest reasons why you oftentimes get cold feet trying to ask a girl out could either be you had an unlucky break back then or you have never tried it before. Well, either way, this guide can help you figure out whether or not the girl you want to ask out is actually worth the sweat.

Do you think you have a chance with her?

Gauge Her Interest 

Do you think she noticed you when you entered the coffee shop? Was there any eye contact between the two of you? Did she smile at you at all? These positive gestures are actually good tell-tale signs that she is into you. Body language that reflects her disinterest in you, such as rolling of eyes, not looking at you anymore, are signs that you should just leave her be.


Does she like you? The way she looks at you will tell.
Does she like you? The way she looks at you will tell.

When the girl approaches you instead and starts to talk to you, then this is your lucky day. Her effort at making conversation with you is the strongest proof that she is interested in you. Now that you have ascertained that she likes you, the next step is to know her better. You need to find out precisely how much she is into you. This way, you can also plan on how much you are going to invest in your relationship, if ever your date with her progresses into one.

If she only likes you on a physical level, then it is best for you if you like her on that very level as well. However, if she expresses her intentions of taking things deeper with you, then maybe you should give it a try, too. How much she likes you play a very significant role when you are trying to ask her out. You should gauge how she feels about you so that you do not invest a lot of your feelings and only end up embarrassing yourself.

Get Closer to Her 

When trying to know her some more, you should try sitting closer to her during class. Perhaps you can only squeeze in a few words in class to avoid being sent to detention, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can get to talk to her. When you see each other on the hallway, you can just give out a short, “Hey! You look pretty, as always.” Flattery has never ceased to work on women.

The small talk helps you by giving you an idea of the things that she likes and dislikes. For example, when you see that she has a book binder that is covered in dog prints, this tells you that she is a dog lover. Well, an effective way to go from here is to ask her if she has any dogs. Asking the women about the things that they love is a good conversation starter.

Keep Eye Contact 

Whenever you do get the opportunity to talk to her, try your hardest to focus on her eyes. She may have other very interesting body parts, but you need to understand that no matter how much a girl likes you, she can unlike you in just a snap of her fingers if she feels disrespected by you. Plus, with her eyes as glistening windows to her soul, knowing what color they are may come in handy in the long run.

Asking Her Out

After a few days of knowing her better, she has surely caught on that you are interested in her. She understands, although she may not say it, that you are bound to ask her out soon. If she still does not change how she acts towards you, then this means that she likes you, too.

Of course, before you ask her out, it is imperative that you clean up first. Get a haircut, clean your fingernails, brush your teeth, and whatever you need to do to look better. Women always love it when the men they go out with know how to clean up nicely. From the famous quote “First impressions last”, you may have gathered that how you express yourself the first time may or may not give you more chances for a second date.

Also, it is best that you ask her out alone. Your self-preparation may be to no avail if you are intimidated by her friends. After all, a girl’s best friends are her strongest influences. Moreover, being alone gives her a lot of room for an honest answer, since there are no other people around to pressure her. Even if you have an idea that she likes you back, she may act differently whenever her friends are around.

Once you caught her in the best time, do not make such a huge fuss out of asking her out. Just be casual. Plus, this is also a good time to bring out your confidence once again. After all, this is your make-or-break day with the girl you have been crushing on. Approach her in a friendly manner and talk to her a bit before popping out the question.

To avoid confusing her, since you may have been giving some mixed signals, you need to keep a balance between passiveness and confidence. Coming on far too strong will only make her feel uncomfortable. No one is holding a gun to your head, so there is absolutely no need for you talk quickly.

Just talk to her on a normal pace, the way you have been doing when you were still getting to know her. No matter how nearly accurate you have been in gauging her interest towards you, if she feels that you are desperate, she will definitely decline your offer.

Sadly, if she does say “No” to you, just be cool about it and keep your composure. Just say something like, “Oh, that’s all right. Nice talking to you, anyway” and walk away with your head held high and a smile on your face. Do not feel bad about being rejected. This just means to show that you were wrong when you tried to find out how much she likes you.

If she did like you the first time you met, something may have happened along the way and changed her mind. Just take this as a learning curve for you to improve on your skills at gauging women’s interest levels. With more practice, you can certainly land a date with the next woman who catches your attention.