What Separates Boys from Men: Preparation Before Asking a Girl Out

The most difficult thing that a man can ever do in his life is to ask a girl out. This problem begins at puberty and seems to end only once “Mrs. Right” is found. Men initially think that the asking part is the most difficult part. However, contrary to their initial beliefs, the most challenging aspect, when it comes to asking a girl out, actually lies on the preparation. Gearing yourself up before approaching the girl and finally get to ask her out requires focus and hard work. 

Assessing Yourself 

It is best that you assess your dating skills. This way, you can figure out precisely how much you are willing to put out for this girl. Also, this assessment informs you whether or not you have the innate abilities perfect for dating. Not being naturally gifted with some traits that are usually likeable for most women may compel you to try to adapt to a few minor changes to your personality. 

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst 

Talk to her and make her feel comfortable whenever she is talking to you.

You need to understand that the chances of the girl saying “No” to your date request is much bigger than the chances of her saying “Yes”. Although you have a 50-50 chance, you still need to mentally prepare yourself for when she does decline your request to date her. Of course, to increase your chances, you must develop more confidence, combined with the luck associated with perfect timing. 

It is also better if you throw in a joke or two from time to time. However, if you are not much of the natural joker, then maybe you should skip this tip since you certainly would not want to look like a moron in front of her. Just talk to her and make her feel comfortable whenever she is talking to you. From here, there are two separate tips you can apply to your situation: 

  • The mood that is created when you are both having a great time is a perfect segue for you to ask her out. “Hey, let’s go here”, referring to a nearby coffee shop or park, can be easily sneaked into the conversation. The spontaneity associated with this technique makes everything much more romantic, as compared to formally asking her out where she has a lot of time to “think about it”. This trick has been effective for getting instant dates through the years. 
  • You can also opt to end that short conversation and say that you need to be somewhere else. However, you need to assert to her that even if you had to cut your meet-up short, you are looking forward to talking to her again. “Let us continue this conversation over coffee on Friday. What do you say?” is a good statement to reel her in for the actual date. 

When, after applying these tactics, she agrees to meet you at the place you both agreed on, then that holds a “Yes” answer. Upon hearing her acceptance, do not act giddy in front of her (even if you might feel really feel this way). You still need to keep your cool so that you do not look like a loser. 

However, when these tips do not work on her and she ends up giving out lame excuses about having to bury her cat on that exact date and time, then just say “All right. Maybe some other time, then”, but you should not keep your hopes up. This is the best evidence you can get that she is not into you. Keeping your hopes up on a girl who has already stated her disinterest in you is not good for your self-esteem. 

Be Confident 

For the girl to say yes to your invitation, she needs to know that she will not be wasting her time on you. To do this, you need to show to her how fun and playful you can be. Being shy is not so bad, but when it prohibits you from being interesting and fun then you need to do something about this. You just have to be gutsy in actually approaching her and asking her out. You need to be able to show her that she can have a lot of fun with you without trying so hard. 

Leader of the Pack 

There is also one thing that comes naturally with women. They seem to get more easily attracted to you when they see that you are an effective leader. Although this may not be applicable to all women, it can be applied to the majority. Basically, this situation only means to tell that women like men who are respected by other men. This shows her that you are a strong figure who knows what he is doing despite being put under a lot of pressure.

Bad Boy Image 

It has been common knowledge that women are more attracted to men whom they have to chase a bit. Whenever you offer yourself so easily, they will not even notice that you are there. This is why most women are easily attracted to hard-headed bad boys. Although you do not have to become a bad boy just so she would like you, you might want to prove to her that you are not beneath her on the social ladder. Just give her a taste of what you can give and make HER chase you, instead of the other way around. 

Being Friend-Zoned 

A girl who is nice to you does not automatically mean she is into you. It may just mean that she is a nice and friendly person. In fact, instead of being attracted to you, you have just gotten friend-zoned. The best way to find out whether or not the girl likes you is to approach her and talk to her. The eye contact and smiling cannot prove anything.

 All of the things mentioned can actually be summarized in a few words: Flirt with her. The act of flirting includes the tips that were previously mentioned. Generally speaking, flirting is pretty easy. You just have to tease her a bit without disrespecting her, and let her know that you are into her. When done correctly, she will definitely find it hard to decline your charms.