Stuck at Neutral? A Quick Guide in Approaching Women

I know what brought you here in my article. You have no idea how to approach a random girl, and you are looking for some assistance. Guess what? Today is your lucky day!  I’m here to teach you the ways of my craft, so sit tight, relax, and read on!

Let’s clarify our approach here. First, I’ll describe to you exactly what you’re supposed to do, then I’ll shoot some very important advice that can surely light up your dating life. These can help you in approaching women with confidence.

Step 1: Find a suitable target.

The world is your playground, actually. You can meet her in the bar, the club, at school, the streets, the gym, at work, or the park. It doesn’t really matter if she’s alone or she’s flanked by her friends.

Step 2: Walk and make the approach.

You have to take the leap no matter what! Do not occupy yourself with the details of your approach, like what should be your pick-up line or so on. If you walk out there and succeed in approaching a very beautiful woman, you’ve already done what most men could only dream of. If there is a spark between you two, then the interaction should go quite smoothly. Trust me, I’ve learned my craft by talking to a lot of women every day.

Step 3: Your first words should be: “Hi. What’s your name?”

Step 4: Have fun! Enjoy your conversation with the hot chick.

Step 5: Before you end the conversation, do not forget to ask for her phone number.

Step 6: Congratulate yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you failed or succeeded. What matters is that you’ve finally stepped outside your comfort zone. You can now do this regularly every single day until you find that perfect woman for you.

Face Your Fears: Surefire Tips and Advice in Approaching that Attractive Woman

This is very important. Before you even think of approaching women, be sure that you’re presentable!

Time to revisit that old wardrobe. Observe proper grooming. And most of all, find that identity that represents you the most.

It doesn’t matter what style you choose. Some prefer a more formal style, like suits and dress shirts. Some choose a casual rocker style, while others actually pull off a Gothic look.

For starters, I would definitely recommend a nice-looking suit with a matching shirt and tie. Mix and match! Try talking to your women friends to see what works best. In the end, it’s still up to you, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

What is this important? Well, the image and identity that you exude in public will greatly affect your chances of attracting gorgeous women. Look like a homeless man, and no one will likely want to talk to you, but look like a male model, and the girls will fall in line just for you. Hey, it’s not impossible to snag a hot woman by looking like someone who has just woken up. However, dressing up can increase your chances of attracting beautiful women exponentially.

You may have heard from several people that looks don’t really matter for women. Well, that cannot be more untrue. Looks are highly important if you want to grab their attention. People who tell you otherwise just do not get that physical attraction is the gateway to all the forms of interaction.

If you look like crap as you approach a woman, then you have a 0% chance of getting her. Period. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to remedy this problem. All we have to do is put some effort in revamping our style in order to be attractive.

Having a great fashion sense and knowing what your identity is can surely go a long way in approaching these hot women. It gives you more confidence as you take that dreaded walk towards her. Think about it this way: As you increase your efforts in being style, you also increase your chances of getting a really beautiful woman by a lot! It’s not really that hard too! All it takes is about 10-15 minutes of preparation and we’re ready to go.

Now that you know this, I’ll ask you a question. Why are you passing up this opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd?

Don’t slack! Go out and explore what’s really best for your personality. Based on my experience, suits are a surefire way of attracting smoking hot women. They just give you that sophistication that girls can’t seem to get enough of. If you’re really lost as to how to approach this, you can ask people who have great fashion know-hows! A bro or the assistants from the shop can help you with this. In fact, you can even you this to your advantage and ask a gorgeous woman for help.

Anywhere You Want It: How To Make Your Approach With a Girl in Public


That’s all you need to start. A simple “hi”. Anyone who tells you otherwise do not know anything at all about interacting with women.

In order to start a good conversation, you need to get that ball rolling. A “Hi” can accomplish that. Also, don’t forget to relax! Stay calm, smile, and show that manly confidence that can prove to be irresistible to a lot of women. If she sees that in you, then everything will go on very smoothly for you. You don’t need fancy one-liners or pick-up lines to grab their attention. Just be yourself, and you’ll experience things that most guys cannot even imagine.

Approaching a beautiful woman is not really rocket science. Again, “hi” is more than what you need in order to kickstart a conversation and build up that chemistry. If you feel that you’re not succeeding in this approach, try asking for advice from someone who is really experiences in talking to women.