Have you ever checked out a girl from across a room and wanted to approach her to ask her out but you were too afraid or embarrassed to do it?

Or you see that cute girl at the coffee house every day but just don’t have the guts to go and ask her out because whenever you attempt to, you start sweating and become nauseous?

You asked this girl you have a huge crush on for drinks and have been turned down several times. You wonder, what am I doing wrong?

Approaching a Stranger
A lot of men find approaching a stranger a very daunting task.

A lot of men find approaching a stranger a very daunting task.

Whether you are a novice in the dating game or have been out to a few dates, this guide will help you out. Why?

It is no secret that most guys are scared to ask a girl out.

What if she says no?

What if she takes out her pepper spray on you?

I used to be like you, I was scared silly to talk to women, let alone ask them out for a drink or dinner. But through research, experience and practice, I developed a surefire system that helped me become a pro in asking a woman out, and getting a YES!

So congratulations for taking action and being here on How To Ask A Girl Out.

You CANNOT just go to a girl and pop the question; there are several steps you must go through before you get to that point. I have laid down 5 simple steps that you can follow, but you must pay attention and really follow the guide, which will tell you what to do and what NOT to do so that you can get your first date and more. So continue reading and get the most out of this guide.

 How To Ask A Girl Out Table Of Contents

 Step 1 — Preparing Yourself 

You can’t ask a woman out and expect her to say yes if you are not prepared, both physically and mentally. Lack of preparedness will drag your success rate down. If you ask a girl out on a whim without considering what to tell her or what to do when she says yes or no is just like getting a huge rock and hitting yourself with it.

Being prepared with how you look, what you will say and how you’ll take it from there will greatly lessen your chances of being slapped or getting a drink tossed in your face. So IN THIS STEPyou will learn how to build your confidence and mentally prepare yourself before asking any girl out, and also learn how to primp yourself up so that you are presentable enough on the D-day.

IN THIS ARTICLE,  you will know what to do before your first contact with the girl and how to gauge your success rate (if a girl is interested in you or not). You will also learn how to properly interact to make her WANT to go out with you and say yes when you ask her out.

Step 2 –How To Approach A Girl 

Do you know that even the most confident guys will admit that approaching a girl they are attracted with is so nerve-wracking it’s not even a joke. As humans, we tend to judge things and people at first sight, and we form impressions that become basis of our pre-judgment. In short, we look at the package by its wrapper, and if it looks good, we want to open it.

Because we believe that first impressions are very important, we are pressured to do and say the right things, and this alone can be very intense. When approaching a girl you want to ask out, you don’t want to come off as a creep or a player. So we have that covered HERE IN THIS ARTICLE, to help you approach a girl and ask her out, whether you are making a move in public or even in Facebook.

I also listed 15 ways to approach a girl and ask her out in different places, practically anywhere, IN THIS ARTICLEso you’ll know what to do and say in different situations and environments. You will also learn more about body language and the importance of eye contact HERE, and know when a girl is interested in you or not. 

Step 3: Build Your Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to keep a woman interested in you, no matter how good you are in approaching them?

Keeping a girl interested in you enough to go out with you on a date when you ask her out has nothing to do with your bank account, your clothes and your looks. It is all about how you communicate with her and how confident you are about yourself. 

IN THIS METHOD, you will learn how to stop sucking when talking to women,  develop seamless communication skills and learn tricks that will help you become a smooth operator who will NOT ONLY catch women’s attention, but will wipe out your competition.

You see, when you ask a woman out, you have to do it in a way that will surely make her say YES, or no (but let’s hope not), so that you won’t be hanging in the “grey zone”.

If you are anything like me, you must have already experienced this:

You meet the girl, you hit it off right away, and you think that you interacted with her superbly, and she gave you her number. But when you called her to ask her out for a date, she flaked out or did not respond, or told you NO.

WTF, right?

You must have missed something while you were communicating with her. Maybe you sucked big time while trying to win her over with your dumb lines.  So read THIS ARTICLE HERE and learn how to properly communicate with the woman you like, and keep her interested in you even after you ask her out.

THIS PART OF THE ULTIMATE GUIDE cites techniques and venues where you can chat and talk with the woman you like, such as in Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp and take the stage up a notch. 

Step 4: Different Strokes for Different Blokes

Yeah, I haven’t forgotten that each one of you are different.

For shy guys who blush, stammer and practically shut down at the sight of his crush, I prepared A GUIDE FOR YOU HERE, where you’ll find plenty of sample phrases to use when approaching a girl or asking out a woman.

For the bad boys, you will find a guide for you HERE, and find out how to woo the girl of your dreams the macho way.

If you are “THE Romantic”, then you should this guide to romantic ways to asking out a girl.

I became a little bit more imaginative with this “Creative Guide” to ask women out, nothing fancy, but cute and unique ways to ask her out.

For guys who are afraid of rejection, I LAID OUT THE BEST WAYS FOR YOU to become “REJECTION-PROOF”.

No matter who you are, what you are and what your preferences are, this step will help you get down to it and actually get a YES when you ask the lady out.

Step 5: Stop Lurking, Take Action, and Just DO It Already, Damn It!

Now that you know her, and are friends with her, what do you do? Do you just sit back and let things flow, or do you strike while it’s hot? 

95% of the time, men who whine and complain that “it’s really difficult to get dates“, or “women don’t want to talk to me” or “it’s really hard to ask a girl out” are being wimps and NOT TAKING ACTION by not asking for the girl’s number, or not approaching women, or not asking them out. Even if they did all these things but  still not take action in elevating the friendship to the next level, they still fail.

So IN THIS CHAPTER, I’m going to open your eyes further and boost you into taking action, because believe me my friend, no matter what you do as long as you DO, you will be in a position to improve. As long as you DO and not just try, you will have the momentum that will bring your progress to new heights.

You will find out the real man’s way to wear clothes, walk, talk, touch women, go into different places for your date, and so much more. You will have to practice, because everything may sound good in theory, but hard in real life.  But with practice comes ACTION, and action is good.